Sunday 16 November 2014

The Pink Knight vs the Sea-monsters from Beyond!

Here are some random models I've quickly painted recently. I guess they'd most likely be used for D&D if anything, though painting for fun is my main priority.

I don't know who the manufacturer of this is, but I think it's very characterful. I decided to make him chaosy and used Tentacle Pink and Scorpian Green as the main colours. I didn't use any inks of washes, trying to use simple highlighting to do all the work and give a different feel, though the photos don't capture it that well. The ogre face was my first attempt at a shield in that style and I'm reasonably pleased with it. Hopefully with practice I can make the highlighting of the features more subtle and natural.

Next are some fishmen from Black Tree Design.

I went for a peachy coral look on the weapons and shell shield and dark blue highlighted up to bright green on the scales. These were great fun to paint and took about an hour from start to finish, my favourite kind of painting!

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