Sunday 28 October 2012

The Funnel. OF DOOM!!!

So we had a friend round last week and I ran the level 0 funnel adventure "The Portal Under the Stars" from the back of the DCCRPG. It was just two players so I had them roll up 6 characters each and everything was adapted on the fly to Labyrinth Lord. Despite not preparing for the adventure at all (it was very last minute) it all ran fairly smoothly and was close enough to LL that I could wing the stats without worry.

Our friend had never played an RPG before but took to it pretty easily. After some rash action at the beginning (getting 3 characters killed before my girlfriend had lost any) he slowed down and was a bit more thoughtful, he'll make a fine old school player with some practice! Hopefully he'll join in with our future campaign, even if it's only as an occasional player.

Some spoilers of the adventure after the picture, be warned!