Sunday 2 November 2014


 I'm always amazed at how long ago my last post was. I think not having a half decent camera kills my motivation to take photos of what I've been doing, I may have to try rectify that this Christmas.

I planned to assemble and paint up 10 of my Blood Axes for Orktober (check out the Oldhammer Forum for more details). Now obviously I didn't get all 10 done, but I got close. As usual, apologies for the crap phone pictures, even with 3 lights they haven't come out very well.

First the seven finished* ones.

*still need some grass adding to the bases, freehand motifs on backplates and varnishing

Next the two assembled/undercoated guys and the WIP Warboss

 This Blood Axe warboss is one of my favourite models, he's getting better treatment than the normal lads. The 2nd edition era boyz have Catachan plastic arms with modified weapons and the deathskull posing as a BA has WFB Chaos Maurauder arms. I've found the scale varies a lot on the 2nd ed minis so having a selection of arms helps. Catachan ones fit nicely on Blood Axes too, especially with more dakka added to the lasguns ;)

I also started assembling some Bad Moons and have a unit of 12 boyz, a weirdboy + minderz, 4 nobz in mega armour and a warboss ready to paint up.

The nob came without arms so I used modern plastics and some bits. The weirdboy will have a pointing or casting hand when finished, I'm hoping I can manage it without having to use my mediocre sculpting skills!

I've got a pile of orks waiting for paint and plans to do small forces of each clan, at this rate I'll need a year of Orktobers to finish them all!

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