Saturday 20 April 2013

Necro/Inquisimunda Mini Options

Porky over at Porky's Expanse posted a couple of weeks ago asking if anyone knew of any masterlists for alternative minis suitable for GW games. There doesn't seem to be anything out there, but I do have a loads of links I compiled for minis that would be good for Necromunda or Inquisimunda so I'm going to dump a load of them here, maybe they will be useful as guardsmen or cultists.
I've tried to just pick stuff that is in 28mm, but some are a little bigger.

Scavvie boss
Gangers, probably good as leaders due to being 30mm

Soldiers or scavenger types, would be great as cultists or death world guardsmen

Lots of good stuff that could be used for Pit gangs, gangers and some spyrer types too. From a quick search the scale seems to be 28mm!/~/category/id=0&inview=category3773553&offset=0&sort=normal

Stuff that could be used for Ash Wastes style games, plus wind carts that'd be good for Gorkamorka. Edit: just noticed they are 20mm, I don't think I've seen anything in that scale before. I'll leave it up, they could still be used for rebel grot vehicles

Probably well known and some not so great sculpts in there, but worth a look

The Forsaken minis could make good Sisters of Battle and Priests, Arco-flagellants etc. I'm not totally sold on the aesthetic, it's a little too WoW or something, but someone will like it

Sci fi range, maybe Scavvies. Not great sculpts but not terrible, the paintjobs in the pics are really thick so it's hard to tell exactly how detailed they are, on the plus side mega cheap, 10 models for £10.50

Again, probably well known already, a good range in GW style, it's just a shame they don't do other gang types too. Pretty pricey per model, but high quality

Lots of ganger options and very cheap

Gangers, check out the Wasteland Desperados

Juves, check out the rest of the site for other small models good for juves too

Plus bonus Space Marine alternatives, close enough to be recognisable as SM while still a different aesthetic. Somehow they manage to be more expensive than GW, which is pretty impressive, still, I'd consider getting a few for powered armoured characters for Inquisimunda or alt models for Kill Zone


  1. Some of these I've never even seen before - good job finding them, and thanks for taking the time to collect the links up in one place like this. I can see it being a very useful resource, not to mention inspirational.

  2. My pleasure.

    I've been thinking of how to do a master list, I think a wiki would work. If you could get people from places like DakkaDakka and Bolter & Chainsword involved it would probably grow pretty quickly and the constant flux of links changing as websites are changed and companies die could be kept up with.

    I think the main issue with moving away from the GW aesthetic is the xenos races, finding minis that would fit for the Eldar for example would be pretty hard, any ideas?

  3. You're right. There are more and more good Orky miniatures though, and maybe some Tau-likes out there, but the Eldar especially are unusual still. Chapterhouse do have that bike rider. Once Puppetswar and the like get round to that kind of look though, things could turn right around.

    Relic found these, but only really for Epic:

  4. Those are cool, definitely have an Eldar feel. Chapterhouse do produce a couple of Eldar models and they look pretty good but are pretty much carbon copy GW Eldar in terms of the look, I'd like to find something that has the Eldar feel but expands the 40k universe with a different look.

    For Tau I just assume there are plenty of Gundam style models that could be re-purposed, although infantry might be more difficult. There are Infinity models that could work if not for the scale and I suspect that the scale would cause problems with a lot of alternatives.

    One of the things that I don't like about the evolution of GW and the game is how every aspect of the universe has become pinned down thanks to the sheer quantity of books and other materials produced. The amount of times I've read thread on forums where people are saying "You can't do it like that, read page 83 of Angels of teh Emporers Death", makes me long for the days of 2nd edition more than anything. I feel like using models that retain the feel of GWs armies but with a different aesthetic helps to remind people that there is more to the 40k universe than GWs "official" fluff.