Sunday 23 November 2014

Infinity Faction Number 2 - MRRF. Yes, the French are coming!

Having barely painted any of my Haqq or played many games I obviously (obviously!) needed a second faction and settled on MRRF, mainly because I love the style and colourscheme.

Having got really bogged down picking a colourscheme for my Haqqislam (which I'm still not happy with), being able to emulate the official one and be happy with it is a huge encouragement to get these done. Here's the first three, speed painted and heavily washed so a little shiny before the dullcote goes on.

Despite the fast painting I think these guys will look great when the rest are done.

Oh, and of course I split Operation: Icestorm with a friend so have some Nomads to paint too. Plus the Gecko Squad and Corregidor starter set. I may have a problem.

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