Thursday 20 September 2012

Update! (or Damn life, always getting in the way...)

I have a few posts planned honest, but a birthday, illness and new job have taken over for now. Here's a quick update on what's been happening.

New Models
I got an Otherworld owlbear and bone devil for my birthday, as well as a couple of old school adventurer types (a gnome cleric and another wizard, can never have too many!). Painting has been started on the owlbear but the bone devil is going to need serious pinning to assemble so will have to wait until I get the necessary equipment.

Check them out:

I'll be painting the bone devil with a black/brown tail I think, more classic scorpion. Some gloss varnish will make it look suitably chitinous I think.

I ran the "funnel" adventure from DCCRPG a couple of weeks ago, it was excellent fun and I have a post planned with some highlights.

There are pictures of a couple more finished and WIP adventurers to go up.

House Rules
I've been working on house rules, including changes to weapons, making heavy armour less useful etc.  I've also added in extra classes based on Joesky's Barbarian and Chris' Illusionist, with a couple of minor changes. I had intended on sticking with the basic 4 (although I'm using the LotFP Specialist instead of thief), but these too classes seemed too good to miss out on, capturing the class concept perfectly.

Weapons needed work the most though in my opinion, the differences between weapons in LL is confusing. Why is a hand axe, which does D6 dam and can be thrown, 1gp, while a club, which does D4 dam and can't be thrown, is 3gp? Madness. So to give them more variety and hopefully make them all viable I've given them all different advantages, mainly through the use of critical hits and price changes. So maces stun on a critical, axes do extra damage etc.

So things are happening, I'll have stuff up soon.


  1. Those are some pretty awesome models! I actually just recently picked up the new Lich model and the Mummies from Otherworld, and I love them! They still need paint and what not, but I plan to use them in the generic dungeon crawler miniature game I came up with (which still needs a lot of playtesting, but myself and the people testing it are having a blast so far).

    I imagine that tail will not be too fun to pin, It didn't even occur to me it would be a two piece model based on the tail's thickness. Good luck on that!

    I think your coin table was a really clever idea. It has never really occurred to me before when roleplaying, but in games such as Fallout one of the things I enjoyed most was picking up little tidbits of information and history on the area I'm exploring, and adding some coin detail is a great way to add some flavor!

  2. The Lich is amazing, it's next on my list, it helps that they're one of my favourite undead. The bone devil mini is in three parts, the right arm and spear are a separate part with tiny connections. The tail is very thin, I'm going to have to be very careful.

    It's cool that you've finished up your rules, any plans on posting them?

    Shame your campaign didn't go the distance but I guess if he didn't like the rules there’s not much you can do once you've started. What exactly didn't he like about them?

    Thanks! Yeah, I thought it'd act as a nice basis for some simple background if you were in a hurry mid-game and as a springboard for fleshing out an adventure in the planning stages, though I've yet to actually use it. The item descriptions in games like Fallout 1 & 2 were one of my favourite parts, it's such a shame Obsidian didn't put them in to New Vegas.