Wednesday 5 September 2012

Miniature Pics (Finally!)

The whole point of this blog was to show some of my painted minis. I started painting again at the start of the year after a decade (or more?). I don't claim to be a good painter but at least I'm reasonably quick! Most of these models were painted, not including drying time, in 1 - 2 hours.

An old model I had since I was a teenager, no idea where it came from

  This model had no spear so I had to make one from a needle and some greenstuff. The sculpting on the face is almost none existent, it's just a smooth mess. I've another one of these armed with a bow that is still WIP.

 A wizard that gets used as a cleric. I love the Spanish Inquisition look he's got about him and the "Adventurer" gear, not enough models have backpacks and rope. I painted him looking grungy, like he'd be wandering through dungeons and forests.

 An assassin/ninja type. I painted him in a very brown palette as I thought bright colours wouldn't fit the model.

This is one of a batch of models from Miniature Heroes (I could spend a lot of money on the old minis on that site!), specifically their broken budget selection. He is a Citadel pre-slotta (according to MH) and originally would have had a spear. I gave him a hammer, as it was easy to sculpt and seemed dwarfy.

 Here's a WIP shot. I realised as I was painting it that the beard just stopped on his left cheek. Very strange. So I sculpted some hair in, once I had painted it it blended in. I also had to sculpt some fingers for his shield hand as there was nothing there.

This guy is fully painted now but I still need shots. He's one of my favourites, he has a very characterful face.
 This wizard is waiting to be painted by my girlfriend. She loves wizards so I bought this to try and lure her into painting. I'll post some pictures when she finally paints him!

 This is another broken mini from MH (99p, bargain!), again apparently Citadel pre-slotta. I'm going to get some chain and make his weapon in to a flail I think. This is another model with cool adventuring gear, lantern, crossbow and heavy backpack.

More pictures to come.

If any one can identify anything it would be appreciated!


  1. Nice work on the painting.
    I like the figures. They remind me of my Grenadier set from long ago.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, the minis have a charm to them that I generally don't see when I look at the modern stuff. I just wish I could find some female ones that don't look like men in drag.

  3. I really like your Blackguard (or evil Knight or what not), he exudes character! I think you are right about the older models, many of them tend to be more characterful than most of the modern stuff, though I agree on the females. The faces of a lot of the older ones look horrid.