Thursday 13 September 2012

Random Coin Design Generator

It occurred to me that although gold coins are a huge part of D&D they are very rarely given any thought beyond the usual arguments about how much to give and whether xp should be linked to it. I thought a simple method of generating designs that are on the coins, representing the lost and alien civilisations that built the dungeons and left the treasure would be a fun way of adding some weirdness and highlighting that, actually, its pretty crazy that there are all these gold coins lying around.

So I made a D20 table, you can roll once for a quick generation or three times for extra randomness. Some of the ideas are taken from actual coins (horned turtle for example). I'm sure you could use this to add backstory to a dungeon, giving some explanation of it's origin or just as some throwaway flavour.

Coin Design Generator


D20 Side 1 Side 2 Shape
1 Tentacle monster Head of a crone wearing a crown, 50% side view, 50% front view Round
2 Dragons Head Head of a child wearing an elaborate hat, 50% side view, 50% front view Square
3 6-legged Horse Head of a screaming man, 50% side view, 50% front view Triangular
4 Burning snake Head of a donkey, wearing a crown, side view Rectangle
5 Wasp A broom, “wearing” a crown Star
6 Lion Bearded man wearing an earring Hexagonal
7 Flying Crocodile An orange being launched from a sling Hexagonal
8 Owl Bare-breasted barbarian queen Square
9 Horned turtle Humanoid skull Rectangle
10 Pegasus A hand holding a torch Round
11 Scythe Windmill Pentagon
12 Wheatsheaf A beer glass Pentagon
13 A fairytale castle A beast-man with a disturbingly large phallus Round
14 Tree A white cat. You're not sure how you know the cat is white, it's just a feeling you get Round
15 Eagle A NASA space shuttle Round
16 5 pointed star Coloured pattern of dots that gives you a headache if looked at too long Star
17 Triangle A horrific symbol you can only look at from the corner of your eye Square
18 Ancient script Some sort of unidentifiable mechanical device Triangular
19 Spiral Alien skull with 3 eyesockets Pentagon
20 Alien Writing Complex geometric design Hole in the centre, roll again for shape and shape of hole

Here's a link for the file: (Hope that works)

Feel free to add to it or whatever, the table can't be big enough. I'm sure I'll be adding extra stuff to it eventually, a D100 would be ideal.

Stupid blogger, I can't seem to get the screen dump to be readable without it going into the border, sorry it's so ugly.

Edit: The screendump has disappeared, so I've just copied in the table, hopefully it's easier to read now. Seriously, why the fuck can't blogger deal with tables?

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