Sunday 28 October 2012

The Funnel. OF DOOM!!!

So we had a friend round last week and I ran the level 0 funnel adventure "The Portal Under the Stars" from the back of the DCCRPG. It was just two players so I had them roll up 6 characters each and everything was adapted on the fly to Labyrinth Lord. Despite not preparing for the adventure at all (it was very last minute) it all ran fairly smoothly and was close enough to LL that I could wing the stats without worry.

Our friend had never played an RPG before but took to it pretty easily. After some rash action at the beginning (getting 3 characters killed before my girlfriend had lost any) he slowed down and was a bit more thoughtful, he'll make a fine old school player with some practice! Hopefully he'll join in with our future campaign, even if it's only as an occasional player.

Some spoilers of the adventure after the picture, be warned!

Some highlights include:

  • The falcon being killed early by flying spears, leaving a fine mist of blood and a cloud of feathers.
  • Our friend recklessly running his characters into certain death without a moments thought, resulting in three crispy corpses in no time.
  • The PCs using the dead bodies of their friends as a shield against the flame-throwing statue.
  • The PCs pissing on a roll of cloth (one of them was a clothesmaker or something) in the hope it'd protect them from the fire (it wouldn't). Luckily for them their theory wasn't tested.
  • Having only a lantern between them they used a bundle of sticks, the piss sodden cloth and some oil to make torches.
  • Our friend deciding to keep one of the skulls from the undead generals as a souvenir as my GF had her PCs smash the others. Once they got to the statue room he quickly realised what to do!
  •  Our friend deciding that the crystal ball that was one of the treasures was the source of the animation and trying (unsuccessfully) to smash it.
  • My GFs elf surviving almost certain death three times in the last room (falling in to the pit with the statues etc) thanks to lucky rolls only to be killed by the war-wizard almost straight away.

 Good times were had by all, the disposable nature of the characters made the whole thing fun and the survivors more treasured, I'd definitely start a campaign with this method with a few modifications.

Note: This was drafted up ages ago, I thought I should finally post it.

A new job and malfunctioning laptop (seriously, the keyboard on this thing is driving me nuts, it makes typing unbearable) have kept me away from all aspects of gaming and blogging, just as I was getting my campaign ready to kick off. Thankfully things are settling down now so we can set up a regular slot for a game. I need to get working and finish writing up my first adventure!
Our friend has requested to join the regular game once we've found a good time for it and we're going to set up Skype or some such thing for when he can't make it. Yay for living in the future!

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