Monday 8 April 2013

Gods of Ionia: Neutral

Here is a description of the most powerful Neutral gods in Ionia, though many more exist. Bonuses and penalties apply only to clerics of that god, though followers of any class can dedicate themselves to a particular god.

Alignment info can be found here, Lawful gods here and Chaotic gods are to follow.

Spheres: Water and the Oceans

Appearance: Giant octopus with many tentacles

Symbol: Octopus

Followers: Fishermen and sailors pray for safety out at sea

Description: Ninillia is an inhuman god, with no care or understanding for the mortals that travel it's domain. It's clerics accept it's fickle nature and view their worship as tribute to a powerful and uncontrollable force. Many sailors pray to Ninillia, although they know that if they are saved it is a result of some deeper reason that no mortal could comprehend.

Bonuses/Penalties: It's clerics are adept on the water and most can sail at least small boats. They can use tridents and nets without penalty, have a bonus to hit vs aquatic beasts but can wear no heavy armour.

Spells: Water Breathing, Living Bridge

Bona Dea
Spheres: Wild Animals and Nature

Appearance: Hairy naked man with a pink stags head

Symbol: Pair of antlers

Followers: Druids and wildmen.

Description: Bona Dea abhors the order placed on nature through agriculture and forestry and the damage caused by mortal activities. His followers are often blessed with the ability to transform themselves into animal form for short periods of time. Those who invoke his ire are often cursed with zoanthropy, having no control over when and where they turn into their animal form and becoming dangerously aggressive when they do. Bona Dea is sometimes seen in the wild, where he takes the place of animals about to be killed by hunters before enacting a bloody revenge.

Bonuses/Penalties: His clerics are close to nature, receiving a reaction bonus with wild animals. Powerful worshippers may gain the ability to transform into an animal, though they are bound not to harm any animal without good reason.

Spells: Druid spell list
Spheres: Life and Death

Appearance: Varies from a baby to an adult, male or female, always as a partial skeleton

Symbol: Half skull, half human face

Followers: Necromancers, grave diggers, those who seek to prevent death, either through immortality or resurrection

Description: Ranema sees life, death and undeath as one and the same. His followers often reanimate the dead in his name and use them as workers and warriors. His followers often come into conflict with followers of Angont, who see resurrection and reanimation as an affront to natural decay, and Ilsucapaeus, who sees death as a natural end to a life of suffering.

Bonuses/Penalties: His clerics suffer no long term penalties from serious injuries such as limb loss as they are able to replace lost body parts directly from the dead. Many of his worshippers cover themselves completely in public.

Spells: Create Undead, Resurrection

Spheres: Travel

Appearance: Practically dressed woman with a horses head. She has bare feet which are heavily calloused.

Symbol: Horse shoe

Followers: All kinds of travellers pray for her protection, nomads often carry portable shrines to her.

Description: Calle wanders the world, always on foot, usually wearing practical leathers and carrying a quarterstaff and small backpack. She is known to turn up when travellers are in trouble, arriving just in time to rescue them before disaster strikes.

Bonuses/Penalties: Her clerics are capable survivalists, gaining +1 Wilderness skill. They can navigate by the stars when travelling in lands they are familiar with.

Spells: Lucky Shoes, Sugar Cube

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