Friday 5 April 2013

Gods of Ionia: Lawful

Here is a description of the most powerful Lawful gods in Ionia, though many more exist. Bonuses and penalties apply only to clerics of that god, though characters of any class can dedicate themselves to a particular god.

Alignment info can be found here, Neutral and Chaotic gods are to follow.

Ade Dulsa
Sphere: Construction

Appearance: Mechanical man with a blacksmiths hammer

Symbol: Hammer and anvil

Followers: Blacksmiths, architects, some dwarf clans. His followers are usually people who are involved in craft and construction who ask him for the skills to improve their work.

Description: Ade Dulsa cares little for the short, troubled lives of mortals, being far more concerned with what they are able to produce. He favours those who build great works that are designed to last for thousands of years. Many of his most dedicated followers use slaves in order to build their mighty works. He has many shrines in long forgotten places and some of the oldest buildings in the world are dedicated to him.

Bonuses/Penalties: Clerics have +1 to Architecture.

Spells: Create Golem, Hold Construct

Spheres: Order, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Appearance: Heavily armoured knight or an old man

Symbol: Crossed hoe and sword

Followers: Those who value the comfort and security that civilisation provides. Many farmers and the poor ask him for aid.

Description: Amanthoe is the patron of the hard worker, the farmer who works until they're broken, the soldier who refuses to disobey orders despite certain death, the craftsman that gives up on life in order to create. His followers preach that hard work now will be rewarded in the beyond and strive to enforce patterns and structures on the world.

Bonuses/Penalties: His clerics have a working knowledge of basic agricultural practices and animal care and can use swords without penalty.

Spells: Turn Chaotic, Bee Swarm

Spheres: Wealth and Trade

Appearance: Glamourous, young, well dressed woman

Symbol: Golden weighing scales

Followers: Merchants and traders, along with many halflings and thieves worship Naom.

Description: Naom values the rules and regulations in an organised society as a means to increasing wealth, not caring whether it comes as a result of theft and trickery. She holds no value in security for it's own sake, only in that it allows her followers to acquire more profits and tribute for her.

Bonuses/Penalties: Her clerics have a good understanding of commerce and gain +1 Valuation. They use their Charisma instead of Wisdom as their base ability, gaining bonus spells equal to their Cha modifier. They must always attempt to dress well.

Spells: Charm Person, Lighten Load

Spheres: Medicine and Healing

Appearance: Naked burnt humanoid. Ilscapaeus' gender is unknown, though he is usually referred to as a male

Symbol: Entwined snakes

Followers: Healers and the sick.

Description: The clerics of Ilscapaeus tell of how he was once a mortal who sought to catalogue the universe. He became single minded in his desire to understand everything, carrying out despicable acts and increasing in power. One day his power grew to the point where he was able to travel to the sun in order to study it, only to be severely burnt and fall back down to earth, a fall that took hundreds of years. During his agonies he became aware of his monstrous actions and vowed to help and heal mortals in an attempt to atone.

Bonuses/Penalties: Clerics of Ilscapaeus can channel their god in order to double the healing power of one spell per day although they are restricted from casting damage causing spells.

Spells: Adaptation, Restoration

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