Thursday 18 April 2013

Gods of Ionia: Chaotic

Here is a description of the most powerful Chaotic gods in Ionia, though many more exist. Bonuses and penalties apply only to clerics of that god, though followers of any class can dedicate themselves to a particular god. You might notice a slight resemblance to the Chaos gods of Warhammer, cough cough, but that is just your imagination...

Alignment info can be found here, Lawful gods here and Neutral gods here.
One of Angonts hatchlings
Sphere: Decay

Appearance: An enormous maggot

Symbol: A plain disc, usually of iron though sometimes made from wood, bone or other metals. The disc is always corroded or rotten in some way.

Followers: Many of Angont's followers suffer from some incurable disease such as leprosy. They pray to him for the strength to live with their condition, though some of his followers seek to spread disease in order to increase his power.

Description: Angont holds no love for death, only for the diseases that leads to death and the decay that comes after. He hates the undead and opposes Ranema at every opportunity. It is said that he burrows deep in the bowels of the earth, laying eggs which hatch into maggots and worms that work their way towards the surface, sometimes growing huge along the way.

Bonuses/Penalties: If his clerics fail a save vs poisons or disease that are fatal they can roll to save again. If the second save is passed the cleric survives but suffers from long term effects such as horrific blemishes or a withered limb. Any equipment used by the cleric for more than a few days starts to visibly decay. So long as the cleric is using it the effectiveness of weapons and armour isn't reduced but others will find weapons blunt and armour uneffective. Angonts clerics can use any rusted or rotten equipment they find as if it were normal and may gain magical bonuses from equipment that has been left to decay in some place sacred to Angont.

Spells:Withering Blow, Insect Plague

DwygionSphere: Magic and Knowledge

Appearance: No set appearance

Symbol: Eight pointed star

Followers: Mages and scholars who are pursuing knowledge for its own sake. Long term followers are often hideously mutated and barely recognisable as sentient creatures, though only a fool would underestimate them.

Description: Dwygion draws power from the casting of arcane magic and the greed of those that hunger for knowledge and power. He grants great knowledge to his followers, whether they can handle it or not. He is the essence of chaos, opposing order wherever it can be found and seeking to constantly break down and reshape existence.

Bonuses/Penalties: His clerics must have an Int 14<. They can choose to roll spells from the MU or cleric list and gain +1 Knowledge. Every time they level they gain spells as innate knowledge as a cleric, rolling from the MU or cleric list as usual, but must save vs Will or roll a mutation. The cleric can forgo the save roll and accept the mutation for 1 extra spell. Clerics of Dwygion have the same weapon and armour restrictions as MUs but can use any MU specific item as if they were a MU of equal level.

Spells: MU list

Cleric of Belisama
BelisamaSphere: War and Combat

Appearance: Muscular naked woman covered in dripping blood and carrying a heavy melee weapon

Symbol: Weapon dripping blood

Followers: Most of Belisamas followers are mercenaries or soldiers who pray to her for victory. Her most dedicated followers travel the world looking for combat in any form they can find.

Description: Belisama revels in the chaos of war, granting blessing to those who fight bravely. Some of her clerics travel the world, fighting wherever and whatever they can, others insinuate themselves into positions where they can manipulate whole nations into conflict. Many a nation has gone to war with another as a result of followers of Belisama advising the leaders of both sides.

Bonuses/Penalties: Her clerics can use all martial weapons without penalty.

Spells: Ignore Wounds, Spiritual Weapon

Follower of Thul
Sphere: Madness

Appearance: Genderless gibbering halfling with a 3rd eye in the centre of it's forehead.

Symbol: Open eye

Followers: The insane, who think that there are vast incomprehensible beings in the universe.

Description: Thul is said to have once been a god of Knowledge who was driven mad after looking too deep into the workings of the universe. It's followers seek protection from the things that lie beyond the veil of reality and in some case knowledge that they hope to turn to their own use.

Bonuses/Penalties: +4 to Will save vs horror and similar effects. –1 to Cha due to nervous tics and odd habits. Thuls clerics mark their foreheads with his symbol, often branding, tattooing or cutting it into their flesh. Once per week per level they can use their third eye to see into the mind of one sentient creature and discover if they are possessed or otherwise controlled.

Spells: Turn Outsider, Horror

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