Tuesday 19 March 2013

New Old School Minis

Things have settled down a little and there is more time for hobby activities, so hopefully I can get some more regular posts up. For now, here's some pictures of some new models that arrived this morning, courtesy of Miniature Heroes. MH did a competition for the New Year, where by liking their Facebook page you were entered into a draw to win a £10 gift voucher and my girlfriend entered on my behalf. Unbeknown to us, we won, and only found out this weekend, so straight away we claimed the prize and placed an order.

Here's some quick snapshots of them during prep.

Two animal men that will be used as PCs. I'm on the lookout for other varieties of animalman, hopefully I can increase my collection as I have a soft spot for them.
Two trolls. These sculpts are pretty blocky but have a charm, I'll be painting them up to look like living  rock and writing some stats for them.

A couple of random models. The one on the left is very poorly detailed and weirdly posed, I'll be painting it up to look like a jelly and statting it up. The one on the right looked like it might be fun to paint, and if I ever add guns to the campaign it'll probably be flintlock level technology.
 So, a nice little haul, I'm really looking forward to painting them. Thanks Tim for running the competition, MH is a great site.

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