Wednesday 26 December 2012

Santa's Gifts to Nice PCs: Magic Items 3 – Jaleh's Spheres

Jaleh's Spheres

 A perfectly smooth golden sphere that feels skin temperature. When shaken gently it chimes deeply and feels as though a heavy weight moves inside. The sphere is around 4" in diameter and weighs a pound.

These spheres appear occasionally for sale at private auctions for the rich and are much valued by those who rely on violence to maintain and increase their wealth. They are rumoured to have been created by a mage called Jaleh who became obsessed with fire magics, seeking to summon and bind an ifrit to her will. Jaleh's tower still stands deep in the desert, the sand around it's blackened stone turned into glass.

The when thrown, the sphere explodes as a Fireball. Roll a d3, on a 1 the sphere is destroyed in the blast, otherwise it can be retrieved and reused.

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