Tuesday 11 December 2012

Miniatures WIP and finished, quick pics

Here are some quick mobile pictures of some finished, WIP and just undercoated minis. Despite the original idea of this blog being for painting I'm very aware I've hardly put up any pictures so far. I'm hoping to change that and have more regular posts of painted and WIP minis, it just depends on how hard the painting bug has got me.

A Gnome Wizard/Cleric, I've no idea who made this. He seems to be holding a holy symbol in his outstretched hand which make me think cleric, but the lack of real armour or a weapon seems more wizardy. I'm thinking a rich green for the robes and gold/bronze for the metal headdress & detailing.
A wizard, very Chinese in style, with a monkey familiar. My favourite detail (other than the monkey) is that the staff has the wizards face carved in to it. Will be painted purple with white edging most likely.

An Owlbear from Otherworld minis, one of my favourites of theirs. Pretty much finished barring some final touches and highlights and the base needs some serious work.

Another wizard, acquired from Miniature Heroes. Apparently made by Citadel, I'm unsure of the age. Still needs a lot of work, the colours are pretty much just blocked in at the minute. I love this model, the outfit, adventuring gear and pose work really well together.

Another Citadel mini, shown in WIP form in an earlier post, finished here. He was originally a spearman but the spear had snapped off. This model has a really charismatic face and was a pleasure to paint. He got some good use when we were playing our test game of Keep on the Borderlands as the imaginatively titled Dwarfy. Ran by my sister he was easily the most unlucky of the group, constantly tripping over his own feet and stabbing his allies by accident.

Another Dwarf made by Magpie. Stands as tall as most of the humans thanks to scale creep but again was fun to paint, who can resist a pirate dwarf with a mechanical parrot? I've tried to make the base look like wooden planks, I'm not sure how well its worked though.
In the background you can just see another dwarf, a Lord/King type made by Asgard, sadly the picture didn't come out well, I'll try again when I've got the proper camera and lighting set up.

I'm reasonably happy with my painting, but I don't like how any of my bases have turned out, making convincing looking stone floors seems to be beyond me. Does anyone have any good tutorials they can point me to?

As always, if anyone can give me specific years/manufacturers on any of these it would be appreciated.


  1. Looking good Smiler! I like these older miniatures you are painting, they are loaded with character. The wizard with a monkey (yes, a monkey!) familiar is very cool and has a nice pulpy feel to him!

    I love your paint job on the Owlbear, that is a fantastic miniatures and you have painted him up really well. I need to paint my OW Lich/Mummies/ Hobgoblins one of these days, they are just too cool.

    That pirate dwarf is really an odd miniature, but he has lots of character that is for sure. You did a great job with pin-striping the pants. Very solid line work!

  2. Thanks! I've never really painted animals or fur before and I'm not completely happy with the owlbear,it feels like it should have more detail or something. I have to pick up one of those liches, it's one of their best minis, get some pics up once its painted!

    The wizard is very pulpy, I love how the sculptor has just ran with the concept, I'm looking forward to painting him. The pirate dwarf was a bit of a gamble, I picked him up because he was cheap as much as anything, but it paid off. And the pin striping was much less painful than I expected!