Monday 24 December 2012

Santa's Gifts to Nice PCs: Magic Items 2 – Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

This glass cube is 1/2 inch to each side. In the centre is a tiny crystal rose that changes colour depending on which face you view the rose through. The cube is kept in an enchanted pouch which prevents the effects from manifesting.

When thrown it has a different effect depending on the face which lands upwards:

1. Red - 10' radius. Any blood in the effected area begins to heat up, causing massive internal injuries to living creatures, 3d6 damage, no save.

2. Yellow - 10' radius. A scorching flash of sunlight blasts out of the cube, causing 2d6 damage and blinding for d4 rounds, Save vs Reflex to avoid blinding.. Undead and creatures vulnerable to light suffer double damage.

3. Pink - All sentient creatures with eye line of the cube have horrific visions of unspeakable evil entities, Save vs Will or roll on a d3: 1- Lose control of all muscles and collapse to the ground, unable to move. 2- Run off in a random direction at maximum speed. If in an enclosed area head towards nearest exit. 3- Attack the nearest entity relentlessly until it is dead.

4. Orange - 5' cube. A solid swarm of orange lizards appears and swamps the nearest living thing, devouring it and leaving only bones. Save vs Fortitude for 2d6 damage.

5. Black - 10' radius. All organic matter is instantly destroyed, as if it had never existed. This includes dead matter such as leather, wood, bones etc

6. White- 10' radius. Anything dead in the area is resurrected and any injuries are fully healed.

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