Sunday 27 April 2014

Highly Professional Relaunch

(Note, this post was started in January, that should give an indiction of how my year has been going).

Fuck you 2013, I'm glad you're dead.

Last year was pretty shitty all round, with 2014 not getting off to a particularly good start either.

At least I've scraped enough money together to build a new PC so witness the phoenix-like (see, a fantasy reference, stick around and there may be some more in this self indulgent drivel) rebirth of this blog. Gaming is likely off the table (jokes too! how great am I?) as gathering the energy to find opponents/players is way beyond me at the moment.

I have been doing more painting of a variety of things so I'll be getting photos up of some random models. Thanks to discovering the Oldhammer forum I've been able to trade away some unwanted lead for stuff I've always wanted so I've got a nice variety of fantasy and sci-fi stuff to work on.

There are also plans to broaden the blog beyond tabletop gaming, but don't worry, there won't be too much of that.

Have a (poorly photographed) taster!
Hope everyone else is having a good 2014!


  1. Sorry to hear about last year sucking, and that this year hasn't been off to a great start, but it's definitely good to see you back. I wouldn't say the last year has been awful for me, as I've been making progress towards a career I really enjoy, but it has been very stressful and busted my bank. I've not been doing much blogging myself (mostly due to being super busy with clinicals- which pretty much consumed my life for the past nine months), but I really like the goblin and look forward to more stuff from you! Glad that you are still kicking and welcome back.

  2. I can imagine it's hard to get anything done when you're that busy!

    Thanks for the compliments on the goblin, I was hoping to get some better photos but the sun only shines when I'm at work :/

    I've got quite a few bits finished to show as I've been making an effort to just enjoy painting without worrying about the end result too much. None of it will be winning any prizes but I'm happy with the variety and reducing lead/plastic pile!

  3. No problem - I know your issue with the sun too well - were I used to live it pretty much never appeared. Where I'm at now it shines almost everyday- however I'm so busy I have nothing to take pictures of!

    I found taking a different approach to painting really helps, and I've been trying to do that lately (though at times it can be tough), and you are exactly on point with what you said. I've just been trying to relax about painting and not fuss too much on it - it is much more enjoyable than having a painting queue and scheduled times that I am always fretting about. What else has helped my painting a lot was getting rid of that stupid armory spray matte sealant. I can't believe I batched a bunch of my models with it last year (it pretty much ruined any definition in the paint scheme). I'm using a Testors dullcote now and it gets much better results.