Monday 10 June 2013

Infinity: Insert Pun Here

Wow, well it's been a while since I last posted. Hopefully I can get back up to posting semi regularly over the next few weeks, I have a couple of finished Otherworld minis to show, some WIPs on various D&D monsters and a few 40k bits.

But first...


For anyone who is unaware Infinity is a skirmish game created by a Spainish company called Corvus Belli. It is set around 200 years in the future and has an anime feel, with big robots and sleek guns. It's rapidly becoming popular due to the amazing models and a well balanced and excellently designed ruleset. The  fact that the rules are free definitely helps as far as I'm concerned, it means more can be spent on the models.

If you are interested in seeing more check out the official website.

So me and a friend have decided to give it a go and have taken the plunge, buying some models and starting to piece together cheap terrain. I've gone for Haqqislam as the aesthetic and high quality light infantry appealed to me.

Here are some of my newly acquired Haqqislam minis:

Saladin, the master stratagist
Janissary, Heavy Infantry with a HMG
Hassassin Fiday, can appear amid the enemy to cause havok
Hassassin Ragik, air drop trooper
These were an eBay bargain as are nearly all the models I get these days. As you can see I've been busy basing them, next step is undercoating so I can get on with painting! The studio scheme is green and sandy yellow with desert bases, I'm going for a more high tech look with the bases and a grey, purple and white colour scheme.

Next update will be the start of painting, hopefully I can make the scheme I want work. Expect posts on terrain (which will be mega budget, I'm currently stockpiling lolly sticks) and eventually maybe actual game reports/tactics. Though probably not.

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