Sunday 3 February 2013

I'm not dead

Well January has been interesting, after a promising start, gaming wise, where we actually started the campaign by playing Death Frost Doom as kind of a prologue, painting and modelling (both D&D and 40k) was in progress and talk of 40k 2nd edition was afoot it's all gone tits up.

The past 3 weeks I've been away with my girlfriend who's dad is in hospital and it's looking like he'll be there for a while longer. Some hobby stuff is continuing during our short visits home and I'll have some posts just as soon as things settle down.

Look out for:

  1.  Death Frost Doom thoughts!
  2. GMing and house rules evaluation and post mortem!
  3. Otherworld Minis awesome skeletons! (Plus other D&D minis I got for xmas)
  4. A fully painted tactical squad of Crimson Fists (seriously, how does anyone do a full army of these things?)
  5. Space Hulk
  6. Space Hulk!
  7. SPACE HULK!!!
  8. WIPs of a CSM warband
  9. Erm, was hoping I could manage 10. Hmmm
  10. Even with space hulk 3 times I'm nowhere near, damn!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend's father man, I hope he does as well as possible. I look forward to your further updates, and I will agree with you painting a full Warhammer army is nuts (I painted a roughly 4k point IG army with about 150-175 infantry and 12 vehicles and it was a nightmare).

  2. Thanks man. He's getting better but it's going to be slow progress, we'll be spending a lot of time staying with family so we can visit the hospital regularly.

    Wow that's a lot of models! Full armies are a nightmare, and I find armour particularly time consuming to paint because it's so much less forgiving. Because we're going to be playing 2nd edition I only need small forces allowing me to mess around more with what I paint. I've already been distracted from my Crimson Fists by ideas for some Slaaneshi CSM in dayglow colours.