Thursday 23 August 2012

Random Hexes and Magical Background Effects Table

Well, the first real post was originally going to be some models but after reading this (the hex part, obv) on D&DWPS I was inspired modify the table for my own use. I added some weird landscape features and some high magic areas that can mess with magic users. Of course then I had to do a magic effect table.

 So here is the hex feature add on:

101 - Deep pit, D10x10 feet wide, 3d4x50 feet deep
102 - Herd of ridable beasts. Could be worth something to the right person
103 - Sheer cliff/treacherous  peak. Breeding area for birds, covered in valuable guano
104 - Enormous skull D20x100 feet long. 50% chance inhabited
105 - Dead messenger
106 - Perfectly, unnaturally, unnervingly flat landscape
107 - An enormous flat sheet of glass covers the area, with all the features visible below. Roll again for visible features
108 -  Landscape of huge cubes 1.Polished black 2.Iridescent 3.Clear 4.Mirrors 5.Each surface has a painting of one of the PCs 6.Shines with a blinding internal light
109 -  Normal landscape but there is no weather of any kind.
110 - Every living thing, both flora and fauna is petrified.
111 - Magic leak caused by ancient magic battle,roll on mage effects table. Monochromatic landscape
112 - Magic leak caused by ancient magic battle,roll on mage effects table. Time fluctuations Party leave hex 1.1 day before arriving 2-3. A day later 4-5. A week later 6.At the same time
113 - Magic leak caused by ancient magic battle,roll on mage effects table. Land is sentient and hostile, random holes open in front of party and attempt to swallow them whole. Roll against dex for every hour of travel, failures indicate PC swallowed and must be dug out before they suffocate
114 -  Magic leak caused by ancient magic battle,roll on mage effects table. PCs are unable to touch any part of the landscape, almost as if they exist on a different plane
115 - Magic leak caused by ancient magic battle,roll on mage effects table. Deep pool with a waterfall flowing upwards in to the sky. If the PCs find some way to the top they'll appear at the base again.
116 - Ley lines form a magical focal point, roll on mage effects table & roll again here

And the Magical Effect Table, currently a D10 but I may add more later. This is intended to be used whenever an arcane spell caster enters an area of high magic, to represent the difficulty of controlling their magical powers. Plus mutations are fun. Here it is:

1 - Suffer headaches, can't learn spells on rest and must roll under Con to cast.
2 - Save vs will every hour or suffer d3 dam while conscious. Can't rest
3- Mage spells double effects, so double dam/duration/bonus etc
4 -Permanently learns random spell if they pass a will save, forgets one if failed
5 - After spending more than 4 hours in the area the mage must save vs Will or suffer a random mutation
6 - Pass a Will save or forget all studied spells, can't rest to relearn while in area
7 - Spell casting summons something. 1.D12 Skeletons 2.Puzzled old man/woman 33% actually gribbly monster in disguise 3.Gribbly monster 4.D100 cats 5. Lots and lots of skulls (lots) 6.A rain of glitter
8 - Save vs Will or disappear from existence for D4 days. Appears in same place unharmed.
9 - Save vs Will or switch gender for D4x10 days.
10 - Epiphany! Suddenly understand the nature of magic better. Mage gains lvl x D10 x 200 exp. Can only ever happen once per PC, if rolled again no effect.

I should explain that I'm using Will, Fortitude and Reflex as saving throws as it is much more intuitive than the OD&D saving throws. To keep it simple I'm calculating the new saving throws using the numbers in LL (so for example: vs wands+vs spells/2=Will)

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