Sunday 19 August 2012


This blog is going to be a way of showcasing my painting and modelling, both for D&D and 40k, along with anything else I fancy painting.

On top of that I'm going to post my ideas on D&D in the hope that someone will find some ideas and inspiration they can use in their own games in the way I have from amazing blogs such as Monsters and Manuals, Wampus Country and D&DWPS.

I'd never played an RPG until recently when I persuaded my girlfriend and sister to play LL with me GMing. We're playing through Keep on the Borderlands as written as a practice for all of us, both players running 2 characters which I pregenned for them. Even playing the module warts and all it's great fun, and I can't wait until we can start playing the setting I'm creating.

My setting is going to be fairly "generic fantasy" with a few changes, with the intention of leaving it open enough to expand once I've more experience as a GM. The whole thing will be very relaxed as to what is introduced, I'm not interested in realism, this is just about having fun with friends and family, giant laser-nippled flying cows and all!

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