Sunday 25 May 2014

Eldar Pirates & Scratchbuilt Grav Tanks - Progress

Ok, progress has been made, 5 Pirates are painted up and the grav tanks are taking shape. Prep on the other Pirates is nearly done and 3 more are sat on my desk and undercoated.

Some piccies

Grav tank 1

 Grav tank 2

 Both grav tanks will count as Vypers for use in 2nd edition rules, one armed with twin shuriken catapults and a missile launcher and the other armed with a scatter laser and shuriken cannon. They came together fairly well despite some problems getting the plastic from the headphones to glue securely, just some detailing to add like gemstones.

The Dire Avenger is one of the squad leaders, the model on the right is a monopose plastic with Dark Eldar Reaver headswap, I think it's turned out pretty well.
The colours are pretty washed out but as usual there's no sun. I'm really happy with the paint scheme, super simple and quick to do, it gives them a nice dark look. These are finished but for markings (which I haven't decided on yet) and some flock grass basing.

I have 2 Warp Spiders which I've arranged in a trade, they'll be my first Aspect Warriors in the army. Fluff-wise I think I'll have to count their weapons as web guns or a means of delivering a paralysing toxin allowing the Pirates to take slaves during raids. The only other Aspect I could see fitting is Swooping Hawks, the fast attack style seems to work with Eldar pirates though I'd have to swap out the wings for some sort of jetpack.

Progress might be slowed this week due to Chico's Chaos Challenge, depends on whether I can get any of my Chaos Space Marines finished enough to paint.

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