Sunday 6 January 2013

Smoking in Ionia

Smoking is a common activity across many of the cultures found in Ionia. Most adult humans, orcs and halflings smoke, carrying a personal supply of their favourite mix. Some smoke tobacco, often blended with fruit and herbs, while others smoke tobacco free blends, referred to as weed.

Dwarves cultivate and smoke a variety of fungus many of which cause violent hallucinations and worse in less hardy races. The dwarves use the smoke from these weeds in rituals and as a method of killing vermin that find their way in to their food stores.

Smoking is often viewed as a social activity among humans and halflings where a group of people will sit around, either with their individual pipes/cigarettes or a shared hookah, and tell stories.

Here are some magical tobaccos and herbs that can be found in Ionia.

True nature's Veil
These dark and pungent cigars produce a thick smoke which gathers around the smoker causing anyone who looks at them to believe they are more beautiful, charming and high class than anyone else around. Plus 2 to Cha/reaction bonus

Cigarette of Clear Breathing
When lit, the herbs in this cigarette produce a fresh and clean white smoke. While the cigarette is lit the smoker can ignore the effects of anything harmful or toxic in the air (only works in air the smoker could normally breathe, wouldn't allow you to breathe on Venus for example).

Night's Gift
This special blend of herbs is said to aid in giving the smoker a deep restful sleep, regardless of the conditions. Made from flowers which grow deep in the mountains and only blooms at night, it smells rich and earthy. Night's Gift is very popular across all of Ionia, often smoked communally in a hookah pipe before bed. Smoker/s gain double HP back from sleeping as long as they are asleep within an hour of smoking. There is a 5% chance that the smoker will become addicted to the calming effects of Night's Gift. Any addict who doesn't smoke Night’s Gift before sleeping will gain no healing benefit from sleeping and has a 33% chance of being too tired to have memorised his/her spells if applicable.

Credit to Monsters and Manuals for some of the inspiration for this, thanks to a couple of posts (here and here).

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