Sunday 25 November 2012

Alternative Undead 3: Sirens

Before anyone asks, I am aware that sirens aren't traditionally undead, but as with my zombie post (where they were basically zombies, but not undead) I'm going to switch them up to suit my aesthetic vision, making them something in between  seahags, sirens and banshees.



The siren  is a form of corporeal undead found in coastal areas and, occasionally out at sea. They are always female, have rotton, bluegreen flesh, long black fingernails and lank hair and are clad in remains of the clothes they died in. Trapped in the area they died in they appear to stand just below the water line and move unnaturally, skimming through the water without disturbing it.

When mortals appear the sirens begin to sing, drawing ships onto rocks or causing people to throw themselves off cliffs in an attempt to reach the sirens. They often form small groups, as each death adds to their number and only the rotting effects of the sea lessen them.

A seahag. Sort of like this...
But with this colouring

 "Our shoes are wet, our skin is cold and we no longer her the voices of the brave or bold"

Some stats:
No Enc: D4 plus 1
Movement: 120' (water only)
AC: 7
HD: 3
Att: Scratch or Special
Dam: D8

Special: When within earshot of the sirens song, save vs Will or be forced to move directly towards the sirens, save vs Will or be forced to move directly towards the sirens in a straight line. If controlling a boat steer towards them, if not in control dive overboard.

There may be more non undead turned into undead in this series. Harpies would probably work, having a similar feel.

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